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As I listened, I had both hands on Molly, who calmly leaned into me. She told me, with a sparkle in her eye, that before her husband passed, they had talked about her getting a dog. We laughed…. I will not make mountains out of mole hills. Open-minded humans and their teaching-healing pets make up our growing soul-tribe family…. Quips for patience with your creative truth :. There I squatted, sea breeze gracing my bottom, between clumps of too-transparent sea grass.

Had it come to this? In the sweet relief of bladder desperation, I had to answer: yes.

We're Canadian, after all.

As I looked up to be sure I was alone , I realized I had let go under the synchronized glows of the rising moon, the setting sun, and the rainbow flares of a sundog. Bathroom deprivation threatened to soil my perfectly beachy b-day picnic. Pink champagne is extra bubbly-sweet when poured by a charming man, sipped by soothing waves, and paired with sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

But my burgeoning bladder was winning out. Something had to be done — now. No wobbly legs on this girl. I am woman, hear me roar. Was it necessary?

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Was it legal? Probably not. Was it ethical? Who decides that? Was it pretty? Lord help me, nope. But was it memorable? The grand sand pee happened on the heels of hunkering down with my folks in Blizzardy, PA. But at around 3-feet deep, I felt compelled to mark the moment myself:. My pup, Rusty, blissfully potties on the beach without hesitation. Now I get it, little guy! As a trainer, I guide clients to counter their human nature. We are hardwired to focus on negatives : the wrongs in our world. We do this so well, we wear awareness blinders that block the sweet, magical-markable stuff from sight.

No chocolate chips for Pup! Make that moment matter. Suddenly, you see a non-jumping puppy, and Pup feels seen when calm. You get each other, and you get more of what you see. Make your mark on them. Watch them appear more often, in memorable technicolor. Cake by the ocean , anyone? Perhaps, she writes with a wink. Definitely chocolate chip cookies.

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And big belly laughs. Share your no-regrets stories with us. Let me illustrate with a true tale. I stood in line at the bank. Retro, I know.

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Behind me, a woman stood in line, calmly writing on the counter the line forms along. As the line moved, she moved along the counter, holding up no one. Exasperated by the response to her only crime of facing the counter rather than the direction of the line, Ms. Cranky had a fan in line behind her. Cranky G. It escalated exponentially. I could feel their icky-thick, bickering energy rolling over my back. The woman in front of me palpably eyerolled-sighed. I hoped our vibe would displace the toxins in the space behind us, as well. I left the bank knowing that we CAN be civil.

Nastiness divides; compassion unites.

I chose to wish her well , not let her actions color my day, and continue to put positivity into my world. We are, after all, all connected. So what happened? Have you sat in silence to hear your soul lately? Nature abhors a vacuum. A void of peaceful stability will be filled by chaos.

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Peaceful thoughts, peace of mind, a peaceable kingdom — diminished, but always within reach. Get back to your true self so you can give the best you to others. Check our how-to-be-present list; check it twice:. Truly, intentionally be in the moment. Reconnect with your essence. Presence is better than any present under the tree, we guarantee. I did this once before, after my sweet-soulmate cat, Alex, died suddenly. When he passed later that year, I was relieved for him.

His discomfort was over. But then, I sealed the wrap over my heart completely. It all hurt too, too much. No petsitters, daycares or pre-travel vet visits required. Are you starting to see the downside of the wrap approach? Enter Rusty: a delightfully sassy-cool poodle puppy.

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For reasons for a future story, I had the opportunity to adopt him. Without a thought, I jumped at the chance. Such a gift. But my heart was still sealed…. The first few months with Rusty were blissfully healing, perhaps for both of us.