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There was no amount in this recipe for salt but from the Grebble recipes it calls for a pinch of salt so that was what I used. Since I had already used the 2 Tbsp of sugar when I sifted the dry ingredients I used another tbsp.

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Combine flour mixture and cream mixture. First with fork then with hands.

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The dough will be soft. I worked this in by dusting the pastry cloth with flour and then kneading the dough to work the flour in evenly.

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After 2 hours it was really late so I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator over night. Temperature is sufficient when small piece of dough browns in 1 min. Gently lift each Krebble, pull dough through slits and place in hot oil. Several can go in the pot at a time. Brown each side then dry on paper towel. I pulled a corner of the dough through each slot.


I dusted with powdered sugar but think they would be better rolled in the powdered sugar. The final product looks beautiful. They really puffed up in the cooking oil and I might have needed to add more oil for the last one or two. They were not real sweet and that is why I think I would like them rolled in the sugar.

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The overnight refrigerating did not appear to effect the final product. They look a lot like a free form doughnut. If you try making let me know what you think. Recipes , Volga Germans. In reviewing my blogs I see that the most visited blog continues to be Krebble or Grebble.. Like Like. Posted on February 09, By: Nancy Ging. Tags: garden , locavore , Whatcom County.

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Recently, though, I came across a book which casts gardening in a whole new perspective. Posted on October 23, By: Nancy Ging. A lot of them have had to do with food, gardening and farming. I recently found a book on farming that was too good not to share. Posted on October 07, By: Nancy Ging. Tags: locavore , Nancy Ging , Whatcom County.

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Posted on September 18, By: Nancy Ging. Photo by Laura Steiger —Four local food writers were featured at a community barbecue sponsored by the Community Food Co-op Cordata and Westerly, Bellingham last Saturday to talk about their cookbooks, blogs—and newspaper columns! Samples of their recipes were available for tasting, too. Posted on August 02, By: Nancy Ging. I instantly flashed back to the mids and my early years in Indiana.

Then I got the connection—besides being about local food, my blog is about community and a sense of place. Here is an enthralling portrait of this poor but sizable population on the eve of the uprising; of the breakdown of state power in the countryside; and, most important, of the relationship between the serfs and the Bolsheviks during the Orlando Figes, Rebecca Nab Young, The chapters of this book cover the development of Religion in Germania from pre-history to , the Budingen Connection, the First Hundred Years in the Volga Colonies, iluustrations of many of the Churches of the Volga Colonies, the Darrel Philip Kaiser, The book will be of special interest not only to historians but to people of Volga German descent, whose ancestors had learned to survive in a foreign land a century before they came to the North American prairies in the s.

James w Long, This novel is about revelations and revenge on a Volga Cruise from Moscow to St.

Volga German Stories and Recipes

Jonathan Hyde, A travel writer who took the "Mother Volga" river and traveled two thosand miles through Russia presents a study of the heart of Russia, discussing the land, the concerns of its people, and such sites as the birthplace of Lenin. Marq De Villiers, The Volga Germans is the first comprehensive history in English of a fateful German minority in Russia. Recruited as colonists by the Russian Empress Catherine II, some 27, settlers, mostly from Hesse and the Palatinate, arrived in the The journey into the pain and sorrow of my family and of the schizophrenic patients of Ankara Solidarity Center For Schizophrenic Patients has been a difficult one, but the outcome is my contribution to break a stigma that worsens the life Aysegul Selenga Taskent,