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Because what is truly difficult is to forget someone who made you forget everything. Now, what makes us reach these extremes? Why do we let ourselves get taken away so blindly by this other person? Slowly we reach a point that we value the needs of the other person as more important that our own. Forgetting arrives progressively and incurably. Sometimes what we look for is not to forget the relationship itself, but to make the person we were before vanish, since they held so little of our essence.

If they only provided you with tears and disappointments, let them leave your mind and your heart. Like a splinter finally becoming unstuck, letting you breathe. You came into this world to be yourself,….

Never Forget You

These days, you might even be connected to your job day and night by technology. Just the thought of it makes your heart beat faster. Thomas Hobbes said that when he was born, his mother gave birth to twins: himself and his own fear. I thought I was over you but then I realized in my relationships with these other women were something wrong. I let them go too easily, without a tear, without sadness. I never missed one of them and I guess I never loved any of them.

I thought maybe it will change and I will fall in love, but it never happened.

Forgetting Quotes ( quotes)

But with you it was the complete opposite. I cried my eyes out and miss you like hell, even after one and a half years. Lyrics Mayday parade I can't forget you three cheers for five years love. Jedward lyrics i can't forget you words quotes miss you love boy girl song hipster. It was romantic at first, but now it has become an aching problem that every small thing makes me think of you.

But either way, it all boils down to the same undeniable fact…… You are truly unforgettable. The way you would smile.

Can you unconsciously forget an experience?

Oh those beautiful green eyes. How you bite your bottom lip. That contagious laugh. The way you would look at me.

I Love You you i can't forget you love get out head please get out of my head. Always Yours, Anna. Anna doceesther sorry i can't forget you plz don't forget me.

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How can i forget a person? Poetry At Most. I keep falling in love with you falling in love i need you i'll always love you i can't forget you. You woke me up, just to say goodbye.

Traces of Memories

It was cruel, it was beautiful … and it hurt like hell…. But I refuse go back to sleep and pretend it was all just a dream. Her favorite color is pink and the entire sky today was covered in beautiful, soft hues of pink and blue. How can I forget her when the reminders are everywhere? Stop haunting my dreams, Please set me free.

Stop haunting my dreams..