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It puts on a mask and avoids everything that might bring it recovery.

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Francis of Assisi. Catherine of Siena. Maximilian Kolbe.

St. Vincent de Paul

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How a 20th C. Therese of Lisieux. Rooftop Swimming Pool at Notre Dame?

Vincent de Paul: Charity's Saint

Support ChurchPOP. Aug 4, Jul 6, Francis of Assisi and St. Several, notably St.

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  8. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine , were writers and thinkers who shaped Western thought for centuries. Catholics venerate the saints and look to them as examples of lives well lived in the faith.

    Many find comfort in the knowledge that holy people shared in their same struggles, sins, doubts, or hardships and ask specific saints to pray for them. Some saints are the patrons of certain occupations or causes, and these saints are often invoked to aid people in those professions or situations.

    Prayers to St Vincent de Paul | DAILY PRAYERS

    For example, St. Judas Jude is the patron saint of impossible or desperate causes, and many Catholics ask him to pray on their behalf for the resolution of seemingly impossible situations in their lives.

    Formerly St. Thomas More Parish

    Most saints have feast days observed by the Catholic Church in which their lives and contributions are formally celebrated, and some have large followings of devotees and even religious orders in their honor.