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The organisation also maintains an established network of knowledgeable contacts and links with many Robin Hood related interests including: - the legend and its historical and academic associations; places of interest and tourist attractions; movies, television, documentary, DVD and computer game productions; literary, artistic, musical and dramatic connections; collectables and miscellaneous trivia; talks, guided tours and accommodation; costume and weaponry hire and re-enactment groups. The Society has successfully campaigned along with other pressure groups on numerous Robin Hood related issues and also lent its support to various good causes and promotional initiatives.

To help fund its activities, the Society seeks sponsorship where appropriate and also operates an on-line shop stocking gifts and souvenirs. Robin Hood's Body Found ….

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Find Robin Hood! New Robin Hood blockbuster movie set to start filming in Robin Hood features in the isle of man's Christmas stamp collection. Prince John orders Friar Tuck hung, knowing Robin Hood will come out of hiding to rescue his friend and give the potential for Robin to be caught and a "double hanging". Robin and Little John, having learned of the plot, chose to sneak in during the night, with Little John managing to free all of the prisoners whilst Robin steals Prince John's taxes, but Sir Hiss awakens to find Robin fleeing. Chaos follows as Robin and the others try to escape to Sherwood Forest.

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The Sheriff corners Robin after he is forced to return to rescue Tagalong, Skippy's little sister. During the chase, Prince John's castle catches fire and the Sheriff figures he has Robin where he wants, either to be captured, burned, or make a risky jump into the moat. Robin Hood elects to jump. Little John and Skippy fear Robin is lost, but he surfaces safely after using a reed as a breathing tube.

Sir Hiss says he tried to warn Prince John, and now look what he did to his mother's castle, causing the Prince to snap, exclaim "Mummy! Later, King Richard returns to England, placing his brother, Sir Hiss and the Sheriff under arrest and allows his niece Maid Marian to marry Robin Hood, turning the former outlaw into an in-law.

However, the creators of the film made the decision to cast quite a number of American character actors in the traditional medieval roles. Many of these individuals were veteran performers from Western-themed movies and television programs, which meant that characters like Friar Tuck and the Sheriff of Nottingham have accents and mannerisms more associated with the rural southwestern United States than with England. This effect was further reinforced by the choice of country singer Roger Miller as the movie's songwriter and narrator.

However, the project languished due to Walt's concern that Reynard was an unsuitable choice for a hero.

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In a meeting held on February 12, , Disney commented "I see swell possibilities in 'Reynard', but is it smart to make it? We have such a terrific kid audience That's the trouble — too sosphicated. We'll take a nosedive doing it with animals. Ultimately, the idea was nixed as Treasure Island would become the studio's first fully live-action film. Over the years, the studio decided to make Reynard the villain of a musical feature film named Chanticleer and Reynard based on Edmond Rostand's Chanticleer but the production was scrapped in the mids, in favor of The Sword in the Stone Ken Anderson blended his ideas with the legend of Robin Hood incorporating that the fox character could be slick but still use his skills to protect the community.

Additionally, Anderson wanted to set the film in the Deep South desiring to recapture the spirit of Song of the South. However, the executives were wary of the reputation of Song of the South which was followed by Wolfgang Reitherman's decision to set the film in its traditional English location inspired by The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men.

Veteran writer Larry Clemmons came on board the project by writing a script with dialogue that was later storyboarded by other writers. As production went further along, Robin Allan wrote in his book Walt Disney and Europe , that "Ken Anderson wept when he saw how his character concepts had been processed into stereotypes for the animation on Robin Hood. Additionally, Anderson wanted to include the Merry Men into the film, which was again overridden by Reitherman because he wanted a "buddy picture" reminiscent of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , so Little John was the only Merry Man who remained in the film, whle Friar Tuck was put as a friend of Robin's who live in Nottingham, and Alan-a-Dale was turned in the narrator.

Because of the time spent on developing several settings and auditioning actors to voice Robin Hood, production fell behind schedule. As the film was made during Disney's financial slump following the completion of Phase One of the Florida Project and therefore allotted a small budget, the artists reused footage from previous animated features. Both characters were voiced by actor Phil Harris , and have similar personalities, though Little John seems a far more responsible character than the "jungle bum" Baloo.

When Maid Marian, dances the same moves as Snow White , she is caused to wear a petticoat instead of bloomers.

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The robe that Prince John wears, and the crown worn by the puppet version of him, are the same robe and crown the king wears in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. In addition, Robin Hood's costume green tunic and feathered cap is similar to that of 's Peter Pan , sometimes leading to confusion between the two characters. At the end of the movie, a sound clip of the church bells ringing in Cinderella was used for the wedding church bells.

During the beginning of the film, Sir Hiss mesmerizes Prince John with his eyes. This short scene also appears to be another re-use of older animation. At one point, one of the elephants who acts as heralds for Prince John attempts to trumpet a warning.

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Lady Kluck grabs the trunk, preventing the trumpeting and leaving the elephant flapping his ears ineffectually. The same joke was used in The Jungle Book , with identical sound.

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The vultures in the movie are identical to one of those Buzzy in The Jungle Book. The movie also reuses the same animated shots several times, including those of the rhinos walking and running and those of Sis, Tagalong, and Toby laughing. Several animated clips of the Sheriff of Nottingham are also recycled at different points in the film. At the time leading up to its release, Robin Hood had a bit of a burden to carry — many observers were treating it as a benchmark to determine whether or not the studio could carry on without the late Walt Disney since this was the studio's first animated feature produced without his involvement.

Since Disney had attached his name to all his previous films, it gave the impression among many that the studio was nothing without him. Had the film failed, this impression might have been cemented and might have done serious damage to the studio's reputation.