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Everyone suffers from depression in some form or another. If you do then go see the doctor. No amount of talking will relieve it. What will work is to focus on God and not on your own self and weakness. HE is your comforter. For 4 years after an accident has left me bedridden until the day I go HOME, I have not seen nor heard from anyone at the church I joined.

Even though they know through FB that my situation is bad physically and financially. For the first year or two, yes I did hear from them but since then I mailed them the tithe from my settlement and that was the last time I ever heard from them. I understand human frailty. This is not a pity party. This is a side that many bodies of Christ forget about.

There were times when I was called to see if the elders could come by, but I had to say no because the pain was too intense at that time. After about 2 or 3 times they stopped calling. I would rather they had come and mowed my lawn than sit and talk anyway. My youngest brother also got fed up with the politics of churches. A body of Christ that is modeled straight from the Bible, like it should be.

They do not have a building fund. They do not need a corporate board.


It is not about the pastor, elders, music director etc. Not a building, not a denomination, not a social status, not the number in attendance, not the amount of money that comes in, not about who wrote what and was published, not about who sings better, not about how to change so that it attracts the world, not about who wore what, not about who drove what. Anything else is sin. And the whole church disintegrates because of the encroachment of all of these situations. Perhaps this has rambled a bit, but it is a perspective from one who once was able to sit in the pew, and was able to visit those who could no longer do that.

One who helped where they could without prompting yet also worked for a living more than 55 hours a week. Those in the pews are just as important as the one in the pulpit and are prone to the same sins. Sometimes it feels sounds like one person is trying to outdo another in the realm of sin and needing forgiveness. Church as the world sees it is full of those who sin. And they are right.

Nine Reasons Why You Didn't Like the Pastor's Sermon – Evangelical Reformed Church

We all sin. We need to get back up, suffer the consequences quietly, and get back in the race. It is now and always, all about Christ. In my opinion, not that it counts much, this is a very thought provoking article. By the same token, no person should ever think that it is entirely up to them up to them to write the music, play the tune and dance all at the same time. IMHO sexual sin is a leading symptom vs. I am not saying sexual sin in the ministry is not a big problem. It is. Many churches, my own included, attempt to take some strain off the pastor with a group of elders who are supposed to share in the counseling and shepherding duties.

That arrangement is not only in keeping with the biblical requirement that an elder be able to teach, but it also makes it obvious to the congregation that each elder is equally qualified and available to do his shepherding job.

Virtually all of the pressure of the job can be removed by simply removing the job. An understanding of New Testament church government reveals that the original apostolically-authorized leaders of local churches performed in a group called elders or bishops. The notion that those gifted as pastors Ephesians 4 —that is, as those who care for the sheep—are to be placed in a CEO position with a title and administrative responsibilities, and endowed with a fiction of clergy authority, has not only corrupted the church from its authentic simplicity but has burdened the resulting individual so-called pastors to death.

It is a religious system inherited from the Roman catholic ecclesiology, which borrowed it from pagan religion and secular politics.

3 Common Misconceptions About Pastors

I feel the pain. Inadequacy, ineptness, inarticulateness…The list can go on until all self-deprecating words are exhausted.

The congregation I have pastored for 10 years is in decline. We probably have months until the treasury is emptied and I feel directly responsible. I dare not speak thoughts of utter failure to any man in the congregation. I tried counsel from another pastor which was humbling to the point of agony and it was like one addict going to another addict for guidance.

I do think of the prophets often. I love the prophets of God. What is most wonderful to me is that these men, called by God to speak for Him, could not stop their fore-telling and forth-telling if they had wanted to. God would not permit them to quit. I can read these prophetical books and wish that God would speak to me directly and comfort me, telling me that I will suffer and agonize and even die for preaching His word, but that He is with me, and when the ministry is over, in spite of all the distress and affliction from Satan and myself, I will be with Him in His Kingdom.

That what I am doing is not dependent upon me, but Him. Press on in My name. Such people should not be pastors or teachers if they themselves have not been filled with the Spirit…. How can anyone who has the Holy Spirit go and commit adultery or watch pornogrophy??? To many are looking to teach their views and little are willing to get alone with God in the Secret, not for another sermon or teaching, but rather to actually encounter God.

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Though your note here has some valid things to consider, it misses the mark. It is very possible to have the Holy Spirit and stumble. Paul coveted Romans 7 , Peter denied Jesus and fell back into racism and legalism Galatians 2 , King David committed adultery and murder…all after they had received the Spirit. The more correct statement is that you cannot be filled with the Spirit and sin actively.

A case against the ‘Christian’ adjective

But in moments of weakness, the old man creeps in and the flesh is fed instead of feeding the Spirit…which leads to tragic results. For the rest of us this is an excellent discussion that deals with real people and their issues. Would you say that King David was a lesser man than you? He fell. All of us are human still. Jesus came for sinners.

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Peter messed up big time. His first pastor and closest friend. It was because of this, I think, that Peter himself could be compassionate to all who would come to him later. There was another thing that I think we have forgotten about church leadership. Like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Jesus picked 3 initial leaders for his church, not simply one. We always think about Peter and forget about James and John. All three men had spent time with Jesus.

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