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It has remained a big influence on Hindu life and culture throughout the years, and the story continues to be told in many countries around the world.

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Through shadow puppetry wayang kulit and wayang purwa , the story of Ramayana helped bring about a resurgence in Hinduism. Of course, the story has been adapted from the original and changed a bit throughout the centuries. The version that you get in Indonesia is different from the one you might see in Thailand, and both are quite different from the original.

These are the primary characters in the adaptation that you will see at Prambanan. Of course, in such a long and historical tale there are far more characters.

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  • You can check out a full description of the characters in the Ramayana here. A view of the stage at the Prambanan version. King Janak holds a competition to see who will marry his daughter, the princess Sita.

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    The contestants are asked to wield a heavy bow. While others cannot even lift it, Rama manages to break the bow in two. As a result, Rama is exiled to the forest for 14 years. Sita joins him, as does his brother Lakshmana. He orders one of his followers to morph into a golden deer to attract the princess. Rama chases down the deer and shoots it, but it changes into a mighty beast which he must battle. Sita hears the calls of Rama, and sends Lakshmana off to find him. He changes into an old beggar, and as soon as she steps out of the circle to help the poor old man, Sita is abducted.

    On the way back to his kingdom, Ravana runs into the bird Jatayu. They engage in battle and Ravana leaves the bird severely wounded. Eventually Rama and Lakshmana find the bird, who informs them Sita has been kidnapped by Ravana.

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    As a token of his appreciation, he sends Hanuman to search for Sinta. Unfortunately for Hanuman, he is kidnapped and set to be burned alive. With his tail on fire, the monkey hops from house to house and sets fire to the kingdom. Rama and his ape troops construct a bridge to reach the kingdom where Sita is being held. They cross the bridge to attack, and a huge battle breaks out. He is reunited with his wife, but he does not believe she is pure and refuses to accept her. To prove her purity, Sita steps into the fire to burn herself. She is saved by the God of Fire, and this proof satisfies Rama who accepts her.

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