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And in the most cases, we can solve them, if we are able to admit, that we do something wrong. There is no such a ritual you just perform and your partner is back, or you get a perfect job, or after doing such and such spell, you will be immediately healthy.

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Magic can make a movement in desired direction, create a chance, get new possibilities, make the healing faster. But Magic is not enough! In order to succeed, magic has to be always supported by your own change and transformation! You have to search for deeper understanding of your life. Why this situation happened? How did I get into this situation?

#1: Eat 1 Meal a Day.

What in me allowed this to happen? If you get a clarity about your life, why it is in certain point and where you want to move it, then you can change it and get success and satisfaction. Love Magic Ritual: Venus Spell for bringing partner back Important notice: This ritual can be done only in situation, when two people are not in a contact! The room, where the ritual is performed, should be lighted during 8 days with green light.

No one should see the things connected with the ritual, so, after the magic work, hide things to a safe place. Perform this ritual for 8 days, from one Friday to the next Friday by waxing moon, in the hour of Venus see Venus hours chart. The moon has to be waxing during the whole 8 days of the ritual.

Juicing for More Energy - Day 6 of my 100 Day Juice Feast!

The ritual itself lasts 7 days, 8th day is a day of finishing of the ritual. If you cannot buy it on Monday, you can do it also on Tuesday, but in the hour of Venus , copper coins 49 cents , 7 green stones, green, silver and red ribbons, green bulb. Prepare the candles and stones for the ritual look at the picture above. Meditation about what you want is a part of the ritual. Before the first meditation, place candles and stones in a way, that they are in one line and they do not touch each other.

So, leave a small gap there. After the first meditation, you will move the first candle on the right side to the second candle, so that they touch each other. Do the same with stones.

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That means, before the first day meditation, they will be placed in one line and they do not touch each other. After the first day meditation, the first stone on the right will be moved to the second stone and they are connected together. You will proceed this way every day, all days of the ritual. At the sixth day, all candles and stoner are connected together in one line. Before the meditation, light the candles from left to the right. When you finish your magical work, start to go out the candles from left to the right.

On the first day, make on green, red and silver ribbon seven knots, together there will be 21 knots. Then, bind together 7 cinnamon sticks with green, red and silver ribbon. Place on the altar 7 nice and tasteful green apples. They will stay there during all seven days.

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  6. Place on the altar into a small bowl copper coins with value of 49 cents. It can be also coins of another currency, but they have to be from copper, or it can be some jewel or thing from copper. On the fourth day of the ritual, buy 7 roses.

    Fasting Guidelines and Information

    Before you place them on the altar, bind them together with silver ribbon ribbon will have also 7 knots. Roses have to be fresh and nice, so that they stay beautiful till the end of the ritual! Magical paper: draw with compass on the parchment paper a circle with the diameter of 21 cm. Construct a regular heptagon and cut it out look at the example on the photograph. Draw the outline of the heptagon with green marker, then, draw to the right side the green square and draw inside the sigil of Hagiel.

    To the left side, draw with your own blood your first name and the first name of your dream partner in a way, that they cross each other use if possible the letters, which are the same. Draw under your and partner's names with green marker names Venus , Hagiel , Jahwe , and with red marker names of four archangels Raphael , Gabriel , Michael and Uriel. All names are written on the left side in a way you like. Lit the candles from left to right , sit down, relax and visualise yourself and your dream partner to be happy together.

    21 Days of Prayer

    Focus on this image for at least 20 seconds maximum 7 minutes. Then say:. I accept the will of God. Divine light, thank you for the balance and peace, which is within me. I accept everything, what I cannot change. Thank you for the courage and power to change, what can be changed. Thank you for wisdom to distinguish what is right for me. You can download here the empty preimage! If the energy cannot flow because of our fear or doubts, you will create unbalance.

    You, mighty snake, coiling around the earth, universal fluidum, admired by everyone, you are the mercury's club, the fifth essence, salt of every being, the potency of everything. Living for aeons, you, companion of God, moving there and here, you are the pliant mediator, the yliastric principle. You are the astral light, hinduistic akasha, the tree of knowledge, azoth of alchemy. Animo mundi, the spirit of earth, I am calling you to come! Thank you!

    Face the east direction and draw in front of you a pentagram see the Small Pentagram Ritual. Say: "Raphael, I am calling you, please come to me. Draw the pentagram in front of you. Say: "Michael, I am calling you, please come to me. Say: "Gabriel, I am calling you, please come to me. Say: "Uriel, I am calling you, please come to me. After saying this, repeat the visualisation from the first day and say: "Thank you for having courage and power to change what I can change and the wisdom to see, what is right. Then, you will name all entities, which you have called, you will thank them for their coming and you say them goodbye.

    For example "Hagiel, thank you for your help. This way, you will greet and say farewell to all beings. When you finish the ritual, go out the candles from right to left. It is not important, if candles are lit or not. Put the heptagon under your pillow or next you your bed. NOTE: From the first till the eight day of performing of this ritual but we advise to continue one more week after finishing of the ritual , write down your dreams into a notebook.

    It is advisable to give your body more sleep these days and make 8th and 9th day after the ritual less stressful. On the 7th day, lit the candles in the circle during some Venus hour, and let the burn down completely. Please, keep in mind a safety rules and make it a safe way to prevent fire.

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    During the ritual, be aware of your feelings. Be also aware of your intuition and follow it. Make enough time for calling the entities and deities. Try to feel they're coming and feel their energy. Be positive in your visualisation and in the time before sleep. Focus properly and create good feeling about what you want.

    If you cannot create positive image or you feel doubts, if it will come true, do not do ritual. It is useless. This ritual is not good for people, who cannot think positive. It is because we cannot cheat ourselves. First, we have to see world as a place of chances and good things, then, good things will also happen in our life. The ritual will strengthen ALL energies, that means also negative thoughts and doubts.

    If you are afraid to go to the cemetery, do not perform this ritual either. If you are closely connected with nature, you can the things which remained from the ritual put on the 8th day into a hole of a tree. Go to the cemetery. Dig ritual remains: 7 stones, copper coins, remains of candles, photo of dream partner, magical paper and petal leaves of roses the rest of the flowers and silver ribbon throw into a water, or lay them onto a chosen grave, but do not throw them into the garbage!


    You can put the remains also into the hole of a tree or in a hole between the roots, or into a hole in the grave, if it is big enough. These options are good especially, when the ground is frozen and it is difficult to dig. After you dig things, you can go home and meditate with an orange candle. Use the apples, vanilla and cinnamon from the altar for preparing some food you will eat.