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Gary W. Moon, M. David G. Trevor Hudson has been in the Methodist ministry for the past thirty odd years, spending most of this time in and around Johannesburg, South Africa. Presently he is part of the pastoral team at Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni where he preaches and teaches on a weekly basis. Much of his ministry has been shaped by two passions: helping ordinary people experience the transforming presence and power of Jesus in their everyday lives and helping people build the kind of local faith community which seeks to take seriously the suffering of those around them.

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His interests include watching sports, walking and running, discovering new places, reading and writing. BY Trevor Hudson. Booksellers International Translations Permissions Libraries. Discovering Our Spiritual Identity ebook. Read more about the critical inner voice. These individuals show care and concern for others and practice generosity. Daniel Siegel refers to as a COAL attitude, in which you are curious, open, accepting and loving toward yourself and your personal journey.

We do not choose the family we are born into, but often, we assume that this family defines who we are. While as children, we have little say in where we spend our time, throughout our lives we can choose who and what we want to emulate. As adults, we can create a family of choice. We can seek out people who make us happy, who support what lights us up and who inspire us to feel passionate about our lives.

Creating this family is a key component in finding ourselves, because who we choose to surround ourselves with has a profound effect on how we relate in the world. Having a support system that believes in us helps us in realizing our goals and developing on a personal level. The part of the puzzle that was missing all along. Very well put together and very clear for the reader to truly understand. Finding this article was at a perfect time in my life.

Finding myself is what I am seeking and it is seeking myself. This information helps you become a co creator of your life! Sad part is, I like my true self as opposed to my new self more. The new self leaned more towards the betterment of mankind and the true self was more self orientated. Now of course there are positives and negatives to the two, however, living in this day and age, chances of survival are better with the old self. Too much has been lost with the new self, the old real self is what I strive for from now on. Hi Pete … its now but this article actually relates to me…. I mean I know exactly what you situation feels like.

As I was growing up , I had experienced alot of emotional pain mostly from my family members. I used to have a nature of curiosity and love for books and discovering and adventure. Im 17 now and I dont have any interest in books any more and I no longer feel the need to discover and find out new things …I feel like the new me is a broken piece … Like separated and distant.

So just like you I really want to REdiscover myself again. Thank you for breaking this down. The inner critic must be silenced. This blessed me. Thank you. Finding me at the age of 40 was such a profound spiritual awakening that right now takes my breath away. I am truely greatful for this article as a twenty year old.

My brain has been firing off thoughts like crazy each conflicting with one another. My current self is lacking in self confidence however masks it behind ego and bravado. I know my true self but the journey from where I am to where I want to be is daunting.


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I know my true self but the journey from where I am to where I want to be seem. Andrew, I can relate to what you are going through as I was at that part in my life a few years ago. I remember feeling anxious, hopeless and lost when I would think about what I wanted to do in life and who I truly wanted to be. It helped when I reminded myself that life is journey, not a race.

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I am a very negative person although people say I am strong. I have no idea how to find myself due to anxiety and stress. First i thought there was no purpose i thought id work in a factory and retire at 50 then i realized that is a life that would be regretting. Learn HOW to cause that to happen!. Here we are - spiritual beings living on earth.

Our heavenly identity often collides with our emotions and disappears depending on our circumstances. This book, "Identity Is Everything" will help you discover how to be supernaturally natural here on this earth and enjoy your life now.

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K" was raised in Anchorage and raised her kids in Fairbanks, Alaska. She founded and pastored a successful church in the tropical island of Guam for She lives with her husband Rodell just north of Atlanta. They have four grown kids and seven grandkids.

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Her hobbies are diverse; particularly traveling, accapella singing, and art. Needless to say, she loves SEO and graphic design!

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Kluane has two earned doctoral degrees; one in Theology and one in Naturopathy. Obviously, she is hooked on learning! Her passion is to study and research to discover and then help establish correct Biblical Truth and explain those eternal Principles into Spirit-Led practical application that impacts Leaders of the Church, Society, Governments, and Nations to change the world.

One of her joys in life is to have written the Online Bible Course; "The School of the Apostles"; Plus, she has written over 25 Books and countless E-books and articles. And lots more courses are coming soon! Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Are you ever frustrated with your lack of confidence and self-worth? Fed up with not succeeding? Still wondering who you are and what you will be when you grow up? This book is a compilation of my powerful teaching notes on HOW TO actualize the identity of who you already are in Christ!

These concepts will sky-rocket your confidence and bring greater success in life! It's TRUE! If you answered yes to any of these questions then just scroll up to buy this book