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They had written over a dozen smash hit musicals, their songs were running up the hit parade, and they were earning thousands of dollars in royalties every month. The success had a particular impact on Larry Hart, who quickly turned to a life of excess and booze once the cash started flowing in at the end of the s. Unfortunately, without Larry as a fully committed creative partner, the Rodgers and Hart shows often suffered. Rodgers and Hart followed up Pal Joey in with the musical By Jupiter , a show based in a mythological matriarchal society.

Larry Hart had grown increasingly paranoid, irritable, and unreliable. When the next project came to the duo, Hart bowed out for good, unexpectedly telling Rodgers to find another partner. They had worked side by side for nearly 25 years.

Rodgers did find another partner in the established and mannered lyricist Oscar Hammerstein , and the rest is history. Oklahoma was a triumph when it opened in A few months later, a forlorn Lorenz Hart went on a bender that sent him to the hospital. In other words, for every manuscript that actually made it into publication, 29, were deemed unpublishable. For commercial publishers, that has not changed. Above all, learn your craft. When you decide to become a Writer, the English language becomes your stock-in-trade, so that means you have to learn to use it properly before you start to abuse it.


There are no ifs, ands or buts associated with that statement. Once you do know all the basics—the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar—you can go ahead and break them any way you choose to. So learn to use the language. You should be working every day, too, to increase your vocabulary. And if your eyebrows went up, even mentally, after reading that sentence, it would be a good idea right now to consider some other means of pursuing fame and fortune, because the odds at this stage of your being a successful author are less than encouraging.

Believe in yourself and believe in your work and be proud of the countless hours you spend perfecting your craft. I know 'Lucy' was responsible for at least one resignation from my work place. Someone who looked like me, caught her starring a few times and heard how often she came. After a while the stress just wasn't worth minimum wage. The last time I saw 'Lucy' at the store was a little over a year ago now.

I was hanging out with one of the girls in the back while we were loading up carts with stuff we had to stock. We were right by the back entrance so you could see right in from the store proper. I left to put up the stuff in my cart and when I cam back I saw her, She was standing about 40 feet from the back entrance still as a statue. I froze when I saw her, I watched her stare into the back for what felt like hours before she suddenly turned and walked briskly away.


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The girl I was talking to was still in the back when I got back, she was a lot more awkward after that. The girl quit three days later and just about crushed my ribs when she hugged me goodbye. She hated her job so I'd like to think it didn't have anything to do with 'Lucy' but I don't know.

I left the store not too long after that and got a job that didn't involve customer service. That wasn't the last time I saw her though. Over the summer after taking my new job I had a mental breakdown. I convinced myself that I was unlovable and that 'Lucy' was the only person I could possibly be with.

I Could Write A Book

I left the house without any conceivable plan to find her. With stars in the sky, lit by street lamps I saw her. She was with another girl. I got so close I could almost touch her before I snapped to my senses. I thought about her stalking me at the store and I realized I was becoming her. I ran home. I cried that night.

The last time I saw 'Lucy' was last week. I was walking home from work and decided to stop for dinner. I thought I saw her in line but convinced myself it was someone else. I ordered and sat down to eat. I was looking out the window while I ate and she took the table between me and the window I was looking out. She was some guy that looked vaguely familiar, maybe a school friend? She was sat at an angle so she was half looking at him and every few seconds she would look right at me.

I know it was her. She changed her hair.

It looks an awful lot like mine now. After I finished I went to the bathroom because I felt sick. After washing my hands I looked into the mirror and I felt like I could die.

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It hadn't occurred to me before, but I was wearing my work uniform, complete with company name on my hat in big letters. She was reading my hat. I'm moving soon so I'm just hoping I'm not here anymore when 'Lucy' turns up. We dated for four months in high school and she keeps turning up.

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I wasn't a paragon of mental health before I met her but I feel like she broke me as a person and I'll never forgive her for what she did to me. Since her abuse and her stalking I've developed serious trust issues. I've tried to date since everything happened but I just can't.

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I'm too much work at this point so I've decided that I'll stay single until I can work through my issues. I'm begging you, 'Lucy' please, let's never meet again. That "Lucy" girl sounds horrible. I'm glad you got out of the relationship before the manipulation and abuse got even worse. But still, the stalking and creeping shit went on for years ffs. She clearly needs help.

You may want to consider moving into another city, OP. Best of luck and I hope you'll never get to meet her again.

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You don't need her. You may hurt now, but trust me You'll be better in the long run. Remember, you are the priority.