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A classic example was the murder trial in California of O.

Casey Anthony’s Verdict: Reasonable Doubt Rules No Matter How Distasteful One May Find the Outcome

As that case illustrated well, factual guilt exists in the perception — more easily reached outside a courthouse than it often is in a jury room—that the accused individual did do the crime, period. Pronouncing legal guilt or innocence is a phenomenon that, at its best, is found in the work of jurors under a solemn oath to be fair and impartial, as the Sixth Amendment mandates — a goal that, perhaps remarkably, is achieved by American juries far more often than not.

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Both verdicts illustrate the conflict that arises when the judgment made from a perception of the facts outside the courthouse is one of factual guilt, but the judgment made by real jurors in an actual trial is legal innocence. In the Anthony case, prosecutors and sizeable segments of the media had portrayed the accused as a self-indulgent party girl who would kill to end the distractions of motherhood. But when the actual legal verdict came down, she was found not guilty of murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse, for which she faced the death penalty.

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  4. She was found guilty of four misdemeanors for lying to police during the investigation. Very possibly because she was, most likely, directly involved in such a horrible crime.

    An alternate juror in the Casey Anthony trial says the prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable

    However, trial by media, trial by popular opinion, has thankfully not yet become the norm in this country. That burdern protects us all. Does anyone really want to see that burdern change?

    It is easy to take all of our freedoms and liberties for granted. Most of the anger on this verdict has focused on the jury. How about the prosecution strategy and the prosecution team. The death pentalty is the ultimate punishment.

    Casey Anthony found not guilty of murdering daughter

    This jury was death quailified, meaning it was aware that the government was seeking the execution of the accused. With so much now at stake due to the governments election, the jury wanted absolute certainity that the accused did what the government claimed. In the simplest of terms, the government got piggy and it got burned.