Guide Be Still: ...and know that I am God

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Galatians This word is found in various forms in the Old Testament, with different shades of meaning. It refers to that which is slack, or to let drop, or in some instances, to be disheartened or weak. When used of a person as opposed to some inanimate object it often has a negative connotation.

Those who are disheartened are commanded to take courage. They can do it all on their own, without any divine dependence.

Be Still, and Know That I Am God

Personal initiative is no substitute for reliance upon God cf. He will not be overcome.

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So what wars are raging in your life today? What troubles have you frozen in fear or shaking in your boots? Where are you hopelessly fighting God?

Juanita Bynum-Be Still And Know

For those of you honest enough to admit that there are wars in your life and fear, Psalm 46 is for you. It reminds us that He is our refuge, our fortress, our strength.

What Does It Mean?

So take courage, take heart, and press on! Press on in His victory, for His glory. For His victory is sure and His glory is great!

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  6. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. Related Posts. Christian Standard Bible "Stop your fighting, and know that I am God, exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth. All nations on earth will honor me. I will be exalted among the nations.

    Be Still and Know That I Am God: Meaning & Biblical Context of Psalm

    I will be exalted throughout the earth. I will be exalted over the nations! I will be exalted over the earth! I will be exalted in the earth.