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A Brit, An American, Paris

When you reread it, almost as a novel, it gives you another spin on things. Lip balm. It also serves as a better alternative to lipstick during kissing scenes with her co-star, New York City Ballet principal Robert Fairchild. Photo by Kyle Froman. It's French—I think it's quite her" ; pointe shoes; toe pads; script. Claire Sheridan wanted to change the status quo. Leading up to the s, she recalls, "there was a 'shut up and dance' mind-set," and as the founder of the dance program at St.

Mary's College of California and a longtime teacher in professional companies, she had seen too many dancers retire with no plan for a successful career transition. I wanted to fight that. With the support of St. Mary's, Sheridan developed the Liberal Education for Arts Professionals program, or LEAP, an innovative liberal-arts bachelor's degree program designed especially for professional dancers. It all just needs to weave in organically [with your wardrobe] and not feel forced.

No one wants to look like a parody of some bygone time.

A Day With Leanne Cope, Star of Broadway's An American in Paris

I work with pieces that are plus years old and pristine, so anything new I buy will be measured to stand that test of time. No one wants disposable fashion. I love what [Alessandro Michele] is doing because it reminds me a lot of the vintage pieces that I have. It was too trendy, so I just held on to it.

I love throwing on a tweed blazer for long walks in Paris; there is something very noble about it.

Paris is one of the few cities where you can get lost for hours in full inspirational bliss. In America, we tend to wear more colors, but in Paris, there is just something about the city light and the grand Hausmannian buildings. The Baurels announce Lise and Henri's engagement, crushing both Adam and Jerry, who lashes out at Milo and storms into the garden.

Ashley Day

Henri asks Milo to dance to comfort her, and they recognize each other as kindred spirits. Lise follows him out into the garden. Jerry confronts her. Lise cannot lie and says she loves him, but cannot be with him because she is beholden to Henri for a reason she refuses to disclose. Jerry questions Henri's love for her and begs her to meet him again. Lise tells him she does not have the luxury of love and runs away because "life is not like your American movies.

It is revealed Milo, Adam and Henri have been watching the altercation the whole time. Back at their respective homes, they all act as if nothing has happened. In parallel conversations, Milo and Henri ask Jerry and Lise if they have anything to tell them. Dodging the question, they ask if they're worried of what the public thinks of them. They respond they don't care as long as they're in love "Who Cares? Henri pledges his love for Lise, but Jerry decides to be honest with Milo and break things off. Although she has fallen in love with him, she thanks him for being honest and they end their relationship amicably.

Adam and Milo reflect on the love around them and wonder why there is no love for them "But Not For Me". In a nightclub in Montparnasse on one of their last shows, Adam and Henri get ready for a show. Adam begs Henri to let Lise stay in Paris and accuses him of being a coward both during the war and afterwards.

Henri, furious, admits the truth: Lise is beholden to Henri because he and his family saved her life during the occupation. She was the daughter of the Baurel's Jewish butler, and she was entrusted to their care after her parents were arrested by the Nazis.

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Henri threw himself into the Resistance, all of them risking their lives for her, and have kept this secret due to the disruption this would cause their social status in the fragile post-war world. Adam asks if that means Lise has to throw away her life to pay Henri back when neither of them really love each other, and begs him to find the courage he had during the war and free Lise to make her own decisions.

Before they can say more, they are called to places. Jerry sees Lise at the nightclub and tells her that he and Milo are through and begs her to tell him what obligations she has to Henri, but Henri's act starts. Henri's act begins and he is stricken with nerves, but Adam encourages him to remember his dream, and he fantasizes of performing an elegant number in Radio City Music Hall "Stairway to Paradise".


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His act ends triumphantly. Unfortunately, Milo and his parents catch him, the nightclub being the one Jerry recommended not knowing the recommendation was for the Baurels. Mme Baurel berates him for shaming the family name, but Mr. Baurel is proud and in awe of his son's talent, and she capitulates. Lise, however, is angry at Jerry for accidentally exposing Henri and leaves. Jerry tries to run after her and accidentally knocks Adam to the ground. When he tries to help him up, Henri stops him, furious for disrupting his relationship with Lise. Jerry accuses him of being a coward.

Henri punches him and tells him whatever he may think of him, Lise is what he has devoted his life to. Jerry understands, but is determined to keep fighting for love and tells Henri if he chooses duty over love, they are all doomed. Lise, who has overheard the confrontation, comes back in, telling Henri to take her home. Jerry pleads with her, but she departs, leaving him heartbroken. Adam has a flash of insight: if life is dark, then it is an artist's duty to celebrate and bring love back into life. He feverishly revises the score for the Ballet, turning it into a celebration of life.

On opening night at the Ballet, Jerry shifts around nervously outside Lise's dressing room, a scroll in his hand.

Milo, seeing his indecision, offers to deliver it for him. Lise opens the scroll to find it is his drawing of her, finally complete. Milo advises her although Jerry was never serious about her, he did teach her one thing: money could not buy love, which is one of a kind. Lise thanks her, but confesses she knows the Ballet will fail; she is so upset that she does not feel any passion onstage. Milo advises her to think of someone who made her feel that passion as she dances.

Lise clutches Jerry's drawing tight as places are called. The Ballet begins, and as it progresses, Lise imagines her partner has become Jerry, and they perform a magnificent pas de deux. After the curtain call, Jerry goes on to congratulate Lise and apologizes. Lise tells him not to, she couldn't have danced like that if she didn't love him. Milo asks Henri if he feels alright.

He admits he cannot tell if his love for Lise is out of duty or passion and asks to take a drive with Lise. Milo approves, and advises him to call her the next day. Lise asks for one moment and approaches Adam. She gives Adam a rose out of her bouquet, a gesture usually done by an etoile to her pas de deux partner, and kisses him good bye. He takes her aside and warns she is making a mistake by doing her duty. Love is a one time thing and she should follow her heart.

She leaves, and Audience members go up to congratulate Adam. He has been praised in every review. It is then he realizes his love for Lise isn't for her, but for the light she brings into the world. He rejoices he got the chance to capture her in music and vows to do good in the world. Jerry sits alone by the Seine.


Lise appears. She has decided to follow her heart. They dance together and walk off into the Paris night "Epilogue".