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Disturbance of stream periphyton by perturbations in shear stress: time to structural failure and differences in community resistance. Biondini M. Secondary successional patterns in a sagebrush Artemisia tridentata community as they relate to soil disturbance and soil biological activity. Vegetatio 25— Blum J. The ecology of the river algae. CrossRef Google Scholar. Butcher R. Studies in the ecology of rivers IV: Observations on the growth and distribution of the sessile algae in the river Hull, Yorkshire. Cazaubon A. Heterogeneity of periphyton in French Mediterranean rivers. Dufrene M. Species assemblages and indicator species: the need for a flexible asymmetrical approach.

Ghosh M. Current velocity and the establishment of stream algal periphyton communities. Keithan E. Primary productivity and spatial structure phytolithic growth in streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee. Hydrobiologia 59— Krammer K. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. Lamb M.

A CLEAR WATER STREAM. By Henry Williamson.

Effects of current velocity on the physical structuring of diatom Bacillariophyceae communities. Ohio J. Ledger M. Temporal and spatial variation in the epilithic biofilm of an acid stream.

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McCune B. Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data, Version 4. McIntire C. Some effects of current velocity on periphyton communities in laboratory streams.

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Hydrobiologia — Physiological-ecological studies on benthic algae in laboratory streams. Periphyton dynamics in laboratory streams: a simulation model and its implications. Minchin P. An evaluation of the relative robustness of techniques for ecological ordination. Vegetatio 89— Morisawa M. Streams: Their Dynamics and Morphology. Pan Y. Spatial patterns and ecological determinants of benthic algal assemblages in Mid-Atlantic streams, USA. Passy S. Spatial paradigms of lotic diatom distribution: a landscape ecology perspective.

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Patrick R. The effects of increasing light and temperature on the structure of diatom communities. Peterson C. Substratum conditioning and diatom colonization in different current regimes. Post-spate development of epilithic algal communities in different current environments. Poff L. Herbivory under different flow regimes: A field experiment and test of a model with a benthic stream insect.

Oikos 72 2 : — Reiter M. Development of benthic algal assemblages subjected to differing near-substrate hydrodynamic regimes. Current velocity in streams and the composition of benthic algal mats. They will be delivered the next day at half past ten. We read of this procedure on the following day, as the fish are distributed along the length of HW's stretch of the river, up to the pool below the railway viaduct — the Fireplay Pool, so beloved by HW.

A trip to London allows the purchase of proper clothes suitable for fishing. Then he is given a lesson — or, in fact, two: for as well as a lesson in how to cast a line, he learns that his fish have swum downstream and are being caught by others in large numbers — indeed, the fish which his 'tutor' brings with him for lunch, is one of HW's own!

Then, as he walks his river bank, he sees the fish are having difficulty ascending a weir and so, with some difficulty due to long disuse, he sets to opening a 'fender' to help the fish move up water, and describes the passage of the fish. Readers who have been following HW's work will realise that this tale has appeared in a previous book. The chapter ends with HW placating the poachers, whose fishing he has ruined: men out-of-work through no fault of their own — men who had fought in the war. Note — even in this volume there is a constant, although muted, reference to the First World War.

Winter, and no sun reaches above the trees on the hill overlooking Shallowford cottage. HW describes first a walk in fact partly by train from Shallowford to the estuary and the coast. By the lighthouse now long gone he watches four porpoises playing in the water, but two men in a boat have also spied them and set out with a gun: one of the porpoises is shot. There is a nuance of previous stories here. Then we shift back to walks by the river, relating the variety of things noticed.

As the season improves so he begins to feed his trout again, set around the antics of an old brown trout, which thrives on being hand fed. Salmon ova arrive, and HW prepares a pit to make a pond in which to rear them: hard work, helped by his 'man', who talks constantly of Tolstoi, Shelley, and Shakespeare; Dostoevsky, Fielding and Henri Barbusse — and back to Tolstoi.

His 'man' is Cecil Bacon, the old reprobate who had once worked for the Rector at Georgeham. Bacon can be found in several books, under the guises of Coneybeare and Rippingall — even those in which he could not possibly have featured in real life!

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The progress of their work is related in detail. HW explains his plan of action for the river to an acquaintance — a retired judge, a fisherman. He then continues with a tale about an ironmonger who ruined a river — basically by interfering with nature, which actually has its own rhythm and method of keeping a status quo — its own balance. Three trout were left in my pond. Otters had collected some of the royalties from Tarka.

The instructions HW gives to himself to accommodate a hatchery are recounted in precise detail as elsewhere there are similar instructions for fireplace making — and Hut construction! All is to be set on the dining room table, the long dark wooden refectory table so redolent of Shallowford and the Norfolk Farm —.

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So the story meanders its watery way, telling the song of the river in miniature, ending with an affirmation of the poet's spirit:. So from the abyss, with frailty, but with certainty when inspiration arose, the poets had sung, the Spirit singing through them. But immediately the chapter ends prosaically with a description of his samlet gorging a pair of shrimps.

The sky was white and hurt the eyes. Hot blasts of air were rising, to churn with other fiery streams and make electricity, which charged the dry air until, able to carry no more, the invisible clouds would release their flashing shocks into the earth. We are with our author as he fishes: we see what he sees and experience what he experiences.

That is one of HW's great strengths. The tale is so immediate and so vivid that the reader is there and takes part in every moment, excitement or disappointment. It is not just fishing of course, but a myriad of detail of the life that abounds around and is sustained by water. After fishing, a swim — in the pool by Humpy Bridge accompanied by, but separate from, the children.

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But not just a refreshing dip: HW becomes an element of the water itself and so does the reader. He sees a kingfisher family, but later finds he cannot describe it as he would wish: but of course he has captured the little cameo scene superbly. One day, motoring from London to Devon, I stopped beside a river bridge.

So here the story 'A Devon Stream' mentioned in the 'Background' section above appears on a single page; although it does get a reprise later in the book.

Clearwater stream over mixed rocks.

This chapter relates HW's trip in the autumn of at the invitation of his American publisher, John Macrae not named until nearly at the end of the chapter to join an annual fishing trip to a Fish and Game Club in Quebec Province, at again not named here Mastigouche. It is a very faithful account of that holiday. It was this visit to America that gave rise to his book The Gold Falcon , a most interesting novel with a vivid account of life in s New York.

This chapter is the only time that HW writes of this fishing expedition to Mastigouche. A number of photographs were taken on the trip, and these form the core of the Appendix: Mastigouche Photographic Record. This is the upturned cup:. It really is the most beautiful object, combining practical use and high artistic merit: the otter's five tiny claws on each paw marked in black ink, as also the eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

The short thin leather strap has a wooden toggle to hang from — what? Button-hole, perhaps? Or fishing bag?

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HW watches his river — preparing his mind for writing a book on the life of a salmon Salar the Salmon , — and relates all the details he sees. He tells too of the birds that live there: lesser spotted woodpeckers rare even then, it seems — endangered now and the joyful dippers.

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  4. Then he sets about:. It was, of course, hard work in winter weather in bitterly cold water — gravel and cement mixed into old potato sacks obtained from the farmer, but:. At last several petrified jute sacks, each about five feet long, lay in fixed bulgings upon the gravel.